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August 2013 Newsletter

Hello, Everyone, Life sometimes can be painful; meditation has helped me cope with experiences that have been difficult and lonely. Students and friends, please bear with me as I share a piece of my recent journey that resonates still in my heart. For your kindness,I thank you. I am certain that healing will be more peaceful because of your patience. Some of you were aware that my brother,Bob, was quite ill for some time.There are those who would say that Bob is no longer with us; those of us fortunate enough to have known him are certain that nothing could

June 2013 Newsletter

Hello,Everyone; Today’s subject judgment is one of our most important personal characteristics. The results of our individual judgments determine much of our joy (or lack thereof). We use our judgment to choose everything from food to friends. Often, people make judgments as to whether the meditation experience is gratifying or not, depending on how “at peace” they are. Please know that your meditation is always exactly as it should be and that YOU are totally acceptable at any given moment just exactly as you are! Practicing meditation demonstrates that you are making an important step toward improving your physical, mental,

April 2013

Hello, Everyone! Life can sometimes be very difficult; circumstances arise that befuddle even the wisest of us. Whether we have to take care of aging parents, nurture relationships, or wrestle with financial and work situations, stress becomes all too familiar. We wonder how we can continue to handle the seemingly impossible, often exhausting day-to-day life checklist; we may even question whether we WANT to handle the hell on the horizon! When these thoughts intrude into what might have been an otherwise peaceful day, please know that there is most assuredly a much grander picture unfolding — one that we have

January 2013

SEASONS GREETINGS! This time of year speaks of Joy and Happiness. Happiness is our birthright. In this Season of exchanging gifts, we are reminded that our happiness is one of Life’s greatest gifts to us, and that we may open it at will. No matter what the circumstances, the decision to be happy is ours to make every day. Too many of us have grown up believing that life must be a “certain way” for us to be happy. We have exhausted ourselves looking for the “right” lover, the “right” job, and just the “right” clothes. Over time, we have

October 2012 Newsletter

Hello Everyone; The one thing that I hear from my students a lot is that their schedules are too busy to find the time to meditate. Most people are too busy making money, raising family etc. Meditators have good intentions at first but soon fall off the wagon, and then there can be self-degradation, frustration with the self and even giving up on the whole idea to meditate. Know that the mind is always thinking that’s what it does. Since it keeps generating thoughts it is up to you which ones you give attention to and believe in and which

August 2012 Newsletter

Hello, Everyone First of I want to tell everyone it was a great honor to receive the 2012 Natural Awakenings Memphis Award for the favorite Meditation Teacher recently. Great students bring out the best in a teacher. Thank You Well I will be again visiting my mom and dad shortly they are still going strong both in their late 80’s and in good health. Fortunately they have always supported me with unconditional love. Thought I was crazy starting a bicycle shop in the 70’s but more so when I wanted to do a Natural Food Restaurant in the 80’s a

June 2012 Newsletter

Hello, Everyone! One of the greatest challenges of being human is learning to deal with our emotions and find balance from within. Through Meditation, we learn to diffuse (and defuse) our emotions – not by suppressing them or ignoring them – but by learning how to harmonize and transform them. In this way, they can become an integral part of our spiritual and energetic practices. In our Meditation practices, we seek and find the middle path — neither extreme joy nor extreme sorrow – which, in turn, will enable us to be at peace. By not investing too much energy

April 2012 Newsletter

Hello, Everyone, To do the impossible, you must first BELIEVE IT IS POSSIBLE! As Eldon Taylor states in I Believe, “The courage to change your life is a process, one step at a time. The wisdom required to take that action rests within all of us. With every step we take, our confidence increases and we realize the true power of the gift of life. In this process, we find that believing in ourselves unlocks so much magic that life takes on an entirely new glorious nature.” The mind is so powerful that it has the potential to change everything

January 2012

SEASON’S GREETINGS I love this time of year; it reminds me so much of the great times I had growing up in the Norman Rockwell winters of New England oh, and yes it was every bit as picturesque as it sounds! My yard backed up to a park with an outdoor lighted ice skating rink, so night skating was, of course, a great favorite for all of us. I can still feel my face slowly warming over the steam from Mom’s hot chocolate and the soul-settling scent of cinnamon toast. Most of the neighborhood kids were related in some way


Hello Everyone; I see and hear in my travels that a lot of people are going through a very difficult time do to economics, health or relationships. I for that matter have my own challenges. There is definitely change in the air. The leaves drop their brightly fall colored leaves to make a new. It is a letting go that mother earth is nurtured again, bringing added nutrients to support the tree in the spring. So this letting go is a natural process in order to gain again. For some of us it is easier to let go certain things,