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December/January Newsletter 2019

Hello Everyone, Recently I watched a rerun of an old time favorite “It’s a Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stuart” If you have never seen it , check it out. Have you ever really just sat with yourself and thought about what if I was never born. How would that affect all the people that I would have not connected with? You might even say “well they could be a lot better off”. I doubt that is seriously is true. Everyone’s life has meaning and purpose. Just being you. There is no one else in the whole universe that can be


Hello, Everyone, Today we’re going to talk about who you are what makes you,YOU. A lot of who we think we are can be directly associated with our parent’s upbringing, schooling, society, authority figures, etc. We begin very early to create this “self” that we identify with from positive or negative reinforcement from the outside world. We are programmed much like a new computer: information in, information out. Based on this set of standards, we learn often incorrectly a false foundation of self-perception. However, as we progress in personal growth and maturity, a lot of those ideas may not seem

April 2018 Newsletter

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Hello Everyone! I am SO ready for spring! Cold rain has given way to sunshine and warmth. Everything is rising from a deep sleep. It’s like awakening to the best life has to offer, like daffodils blooming, deep blue skies, and children playing in the yard. Everyone wants to do (and be! their best: lose weight, take up yoga, meditate, plant a garden, or possibly start a new relationship. Something in the crisp Spring air makes the sap run again, excites our spirit and gets our juices flowing – and our creativity begins to bloom. So get going! Write that

January 2018

SEASON’S GREETINGS The Holidays are here! Have you noticed that it feels different? That there is something almost electric in the air this time of year? People are friendlier, kinder, more giving – as though there is magic dust being spread around! To me, though, it’s LOVE and COMPASSION … “Love” is commonly misused in our language; it is loosely used to express many things: love of a child, love of a pet, love for the planet – even love of French fries! It is a rather indefinable form of consciousness. For example, when people are in love they can

January 2017 Newsletter

Hello Everyone, Watching this past election was a challenging process on many levels. Some people felt joy with the outcome. Some people felt anger or downright disgust. The question is, Can I be okay with what I am feeling? We all have opinions about what is right or wrong with a candidate. But in the end, the outcome is the outcome, and there needs to be acceptance to create peace in one’s life. We move on. Everything changes, and it will change again. The political parties in this year’s electoral process planted seeds to encourage us to look and see

August 2016 Newsletter

Hello Everyone, “Change”, for most of us we want something better, better health, better relationships, financially stability. To use the adage “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”. Quoted by Einstein. Same thoughts, same actions and behaviors, same feelings create and inspires the same old way of being. How do we create a new way of being? To change one’s reality we have to create a new way of thinking, create new choices, develop new actions and behaviors, and experience something new all of which will create a new state of being a better you.

June Newsletter 2016

Hello, Everyone! One of the key elements to a mindful practice is Deep Listening. Often times when someone is talking to us we are not paying close attention .We are usually thinking about what we are going to say or something entirely different. We have difficulty listening because our mind wants to move on to the next thing on our agenda. And so we miss much of what people are telling us. People know when we are listening to them, and it sends a message that we value what they have to say. It shows respect, appreciation, and caring. These


Hello, Everyone! I sat pondering what should I be writing about during this Holiday Season that might stoke people’s interest in a mindful way. Middle East conflict,Paris bombings, mass shootings, that’s, what usually draws people’s attention. Not the ho-hum family gatherings,being of good cheer,giving and receiving. Holiday table conversation will revolve allot around some these hot topics Im’ sure and only more fear will be perpetuated in the world. Be conscious of what you are focusing on. Are you making matters worse by focusing on the negative or are you truly trying to change things by changing yourself and the

April 2015 Newsletter

Hello Everyone, It seems that during the winter months with grey skies , too much rain, snow people can get quiet depressed about a lot of things, no sunshine, cabin fever, a loss love one, divorce, and with all those feelings we tend to retreat into a place that feels safe somehow, only to be playing out those stories over and over in our minds about what we cannot live up to certain expectations. We literally have a loss of heart. Our very nature is to be open, curious, sensitive and be connected to the world around us. Having a

2014 December Newsletter

SEASON’S GREETINGS! This time of year speaks of Joy and Happiness. The brisk air, sparkling decorations, and yes, even the hustle and bustle represent joy, if we make a specific decision to delight in the hope and excitement these things offer. The gift of Happiness is our birthright. The decision to be happy is ours to make each day, but it is one that can elude us if we do not learn to tap into it. Michael Singer, in his book The Untethered Soul, tells of God having a conversation with a human being. Imagine with me, for a moment:

2014 June Newsletter

Hello Everyone: Recently we held a meditation retreat at St Columba. During the two days we spent in silence, meditating, walking through the woods mindfully, and eating meals with focused attention, certain insights came easily into our awareness. Uninterrupted by conversation, fully experiencing each moment and connecting with nature, one could experience the clean, crisp air passing through one’s lungs,while taking in the delightful aroma of wild sage and grasses in the grove in where we meditated each morning. (see picture). Joyful birds trilled their unique morning calls, chronicling their exuberance in the gift of life itself- while remaining totally

April 2014 Newsletter

Hello, Everyone It’s hard to believe that the Holidays came and went so quickly! I am absolutely blessed to spend time with my folks, and the Holidays are truly a highlight of every year. I only get to see them three times a year, so each moment is precious to me. Quite naturally, things are changing with them as they grow older; I, too, am changing, and there is most definitely a part of me that wants to cling to all I hold dear. The fear of change is actually wanting things to remain the same; we know, though, that

January 2014 Newsletter

Hello, Everyone This time of year can be quite hectic, with the hustle and bustle of Holiday gatherings, shopping for gifts, traveling to get together, or just getting away. There never seems to be enough time. People say “My life is passing before I know it.” or “Where has all the time gone? My kids are all grown up.” We lose so much of what is most important by allowing ourselves to miss this moment! Philosophers say that time is an illusion. However, Eckhart Tolle perceives time as a manageable commodity. He suggests that we can end the delusion of

October 2013 Newsletter

Hello, Everyone, I recently came across a poem I wrote as part of a homework exercise for the MBSR clinic on Meditation. The exercise was intended to improve students’ attention level and continual focus on what one is experiencing in each moment. The method/medium of expression was left entirely to each student’s discretion, whether through poetry, a story, or a drawing that captivated the imagination and intrigue in his / her day. To set the background for what I wrote, let’s go to the scene that most inspired awe in me one particular chilling evening. I taught an MBSR Clinic

August 2013 Newsletter

Hello, Everyone, Life sometimes can be painful; meditation has helped me cope with experiences that have been difficult and lonely. Students and friends, please bear with me as I share a piece of my recent journey that resonates still in my heart. For your kindness,I thank you. I am certain that healing will be more peaceful because of your patience. Some of you were aware that my brother,Bob, was quite ill for some time.There are those who would say that Bob is no longer with us; those of us fortunate enough to have known him are certain that nothing could

June 2013 Newsletter

Hello,Everyone; Today’s subject judgment is one of our most important personal characteristics. The results of our individual judgments determine much of our joy (or lack thereof). We use our judgment to choose everything from food to friends. Often, people make judgments as to whether the meditation experience is gratifying or not, depending on how “at peace” they are. Please know that your meditation is always exactly as it should be and that YOU are totally acceptable at any given moment just exactly as you are! Practicing meditation demonstrates that you are making an important step toward improving your physical, mental,

April 2013

Hello, Everyone! Life can sometimes be very difficult; circumstances arise that befuddle even the wisest of us. Whether we have to take care of aging parents, nurture relationships, or wrestle with financial and work situations, stress becomes all too familiar. We wonder how we can continue to handle the seemingly impossible, often exhausting day-to-day life checklist; we may even question whether we WANT to handle the hell on the horizon! When these thoughts intrude into what might have been an otherwise peaceful day, please know that there is most assuredly a much grander picture unfolding — one that we have

January 2013

SEASONS GREETINGS! This time of year speaks of Joy and Happiness. Happiness is our birthright. In this Season of exchanging gifts, we are reminded that our happiness is one of Life’s greatest gifts to us, and that we may open it at will. No matter what the circumstances, the decision to be happy is ours to make every day. Too many of us have grown up believing that life must be a “certain way” for us to be happy. We have exhausted ourselves looking for the “right” lover, the “right” job, and just the “right” clothes. Over time, we have

October 2012 Newsletter

Hello Everyone; The one thing that I hear from my students a lot is that their schedules are too busy to find the time to meditate. Most people are too busy making money, raising family etc. Meditators have good intentions at first but soon fall off the wagon, and then there can be self-degradation, frustration with the self and even giving up on the whole idea to meditate. Know that the mind is always thinking that’s what it does. Since it keeps generating thoughts it is up to you which ones you give attention to and believe in and which

August 2012 Newsletter

Hello, Everyone First of I want to tell everyone it was a great honor to receive the 2012 Natural Awakenings Memphis Award for the favorite Meditation Teacher recently. Great students bring out the best in a teacher. Thank You Well I will be again visiting my mom and dad shortly they are still going strong both in their late 80’s and in good health. Fortunately they have always supported me with unconditional love. Thought I was crazy starting a bicycle shop in the 70’s but more so when I wanted to do a Natural Food Restaurant in the 80’s a

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