Dec/Jan 2011


At the core of every being resides the fundamental part of us which is immortal, eternal, without beginning and without end. We can call this something the true Higher Self because it is the closest thing to us, and is in fact our own essence, that which we truly are. The goal of attaining the knowledge of the Higher Self is not simply a lofty one; it is the highest goal which a human being can seek to achieve. There are four main paths to enlightenment: Knowledge, Action, Devotion, and Meditation. Since people come with a variety of temperaments, different paths will appeal to different people. The ultimate aim of each path is the same, but the routes they follow vary. The path of knowledge takes us to the understanding of the undying, universal nature of the Self through studying, reading, questioning and contemplation. By way of the path of action, which brings the knowledge of the true doer, we come to realize that everything we do and all the actions we perform come from the same source. Pursuing the path of devotion, I find that whatever I have chosen as the object of devotion is none other than my own being, the Christ Self, Buddha Self, God Self . In meditation we close our eyes. Finally we come to perceive that this Higher Self is the same one that resides in all beings. This knowledge alone brings peace on earth to all mankind and goodwill to everyone.

Know Thyself ~ Daniel

THOUGHTS FOR THE SEASON: “a gift – be it a present, a kind word or a job done with care and love – explains itself!… and if receiving it embarrasses you, it’s because your thank box is wrapped.” ~ Alice Childress, novelist, playwright, actor

Find a half hour today to step away from the holiday rush. Sit, breathe and remember all of the things others have given you.

“The spirit in which a gift is given determines that in which the debt is acknowledged; it’s the intention, not the face value of the gift, that’s weighed.” ~ Seneca, Letters to Lucilius

LIGHT THOUGHT: Help Wanted: Telepath. You know where to apply.

He was so benevolent, so merciful a man that he would have held an umbrella over a duck in a rainshower~Douglas Jerrold


Melbourne, Florida January 4-9 Workshop Aquarian Dreams Contact Cheri (321) 729-949 or Palm Harbor, Florida January 13 Oak Trail Bookstore Contact Leslie at (727-785-1960) or

Palm Harbor, Florida January 14-15 Serenity Now Bookstore Contact Brook at 727-787-5400

Nashville, Tennessee February 24-26 Cosmic Connections contact Katherine at 615-463-7677

Knoxville, Tennessee February 11-13 Oasis Institute Contact Stephen at 865-588-7707

CHRISTMAS GIFT CERTIFICATES: Gift certificates are available for, Meditation Classes, Breathwork Workshops, and private sessions. They are a great gift from the heart. Call Daniel at 901 -685-2462

MEDITATION TALKS; Radio “Meditation the road to Enlightenment” January 17th 8 p.m
Radio “Starting a Holistic Business” January 19th 7p.m www.blogtalkradio/renford

Whole Foods “Why Meditate “ Poplar Ave on Thursday January 20th at 7-8 p.m.

Please forward and let your friends know about my upcoming classes.
Have a Great Holiday and New Year

Know Thyself
~ Daniel

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