Hello, Everyone!

I sat pondering what should I be writing about during this Holiday Season that might stoke people’s interest in a mindful way. Middle East conflict,Paris bombings, mass shootings, that’s, what usually draws people’s attention. Not the ho-hum family gatherings,being of good cheer,giving and receiving.
Holiday table conversation will revolve allot around some these hot topics Im’ sure and only more fear will be perpetuated in the world. Be conscious of what you are focusing on. Are you making matters worse by focusing on the negative or are you truly trying to change things by changing yourself and the way you react to life situations you have no control over.It’s the season that love should fill the air and are hearts should be more open not closing. Recently a friend of mine that is a pastor in middle Tennessee church stated conversation after service over coffee and doughnuts was who was packing.
Yipes! I guess love left after the sermon was over. How does mindfulness meditation have anything to do with all of that?
The next time events pull you into an emotional winter heart freeze don’t fight your feelings, simply offer them your love. When you heart wants to mourn, don’t fake cheerfulness. Let the sadness grow as large as it wants to be and say to yourself.

May you be happy. May you be at peace. May you be free of pain.

At first you may feel this being strange and artificial but give it time. Just practice without trying to change the way you feel. At some point you will tap into a deeper level of your soul that is stronger than your pain. The being within all beings that exudes unconditional love. It is the only thing in the world that can overcome all evil. By working with yourself and being a part of all humanity things can change.
Don’t be a part of the problem rather, be a part of the solution.
You can go there any time of year and give yourself the greatest gift of the season that can gradually heal things you never thought possible.
Happy Holidays

Thoughts for the Season

“Rise above your own self. Rise above your negativity. Say I want to be better than ME, not better than the other person”. Wong Loh Sin See

Dao-is formless(fear is formless)
Embrace your fear by acknowledging your fear.
I know you are there(fear)
But I want to function from the heart.
To function from the goodness of the heart
Connect to the spirit within you.
Moved, touched aware is not of mind-is of the heart,
Fear is not a thought but fear is created by a thought.
Fear from the mind creates fear in the heart.
When you follow your heart you’re sensing and feeling grows,
As you grow you will think less and feel more.
Make peace with the things you fear.
Mindless….Fearless! ~ Wong Loh Sin See

Light Thought

“A woman goes to the post office and asks for 50 Hanukkah stamps.
What denomination?” asks the clerk. The woman says, “Six Orthodox, 12 conservative, and 32 reform.”

“Late for a seminar and unable to find parking, a man pulled into a spot behind a church.It was only after he had gotten out of the car that he spotted this sign: No parking. Forgiveness is our business, but don’t make it harder than it already is.”

After being away on business for a week before Christmas, Tom thought it would be nice to bring his wife a little gift. “How about some perfume?” he asked the cosmetics clerk. She showed him a bottle costing $50. “That’s a bit much,” said Tom, so she returned with a smaller bottle for $30. “That’s still quite a bit,” Tom groused. Growing disgusted, the clerk brought out a tiny $15 bottle. Tom grew agitated, “What I mean,” he said, “is I’d like to see something real cheap.”
So the clerk handed him a mirror.

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