Mindfulness Healing Meditation


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Mindfulness Healing Meditation is about learning to explore the many aspects of meditation that create openings for healing – mindfulness – understanding the mind through awareness, our emotions and how they effect us, and how we cause a lot of our own suffering. In these classes I will incorporate the work of Jon Kabat -Zinn on stress reduction from the University of Massachusetts Medical Center as well as Jack Kornfield, Michael Singer “Untethered Soul” and Steven Levine “Healing into Life and Death”. Many handouts and information are given. We also have fun.

“ Are you stressed? Are you so busy getting to the future that the present is reduced to a means of getting there? Stress is caused being “here” but wanting to be “there”, or being in the present but wanting to be in the future. It’s a split that tears you apart inside. To create and live with such an inner split is insane. The fact that everybody else is doing it doesn’t make it any less insane”. Eckhart Tolle

What makes meditation so effective is that it does more than curb the hormones that send stress signals rampaging through your brain and body. Perhaps more importantly,it keeps negative thoughts from undermining your best intentions.
In other words,it’s a way to overcome the destructive inner chatter we all experience…. the force that drives us most often in terms of what we react to and how we feel. Meditation allows you to experience the chatter of the mind without getting caught up in it.

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