About Daniel Lamontagne

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For nearly 35 years, Daniel has worked with various teachers and guided countless students in the study and practice of meditation and the healing arts. A graduate of Christian Brothers College, Daniel has long recognized that awareness of the body-mind-spirit connection is essential in maintaining a full and healthy life. Consequently, his life’s pursuits-whether educational or entrepreneurial, spiritual or secular-have interwoven into a colorful holistic tapestry. His early interests in physical fitness and nutritional wellness led him to open the Peddler Bicycle Shops and the LaMontagne Natural Food Restaurant, which was the first of its kind in Memphis. Daniel not only grew many of the organic vegetables on the restaurant’s menu but also taught master-gardener classes on organic gardening and composting to area residents. He was the organic-garden manager for the Memphis Botanic Garden for nine years and president
of the Mid-South Organic Network for three.

As Daniel’s entrepreneurial ventures expanded, he remained focused on the body-mind-spirit connection and particularly on his own spiritual cultivation. Raised a Roman Catholic, Daniel built upon that foundation through daily meditation and the study of other world religions and spiritual practices. Through those studies, both formal and informal, he has seen the common thread that weaves through and unites all faiths and spiritual endeavors-the single thread that bears many names, such as God Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness, and the Holy Spirit.

Daniel’s personal journey in the last 37 years has taken him to explore many styles of meditation, which includes Taoist/Buddhist/ Confucian traditions. In the past he also studied with the Memphis School of Metaphysics and the Nexus holistic community, taking classes in self-development, meditation, and healing.

In 1997, Daniel was selected to participate in John Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Professional Training Program at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. He also completed training programs with ARTI, Loving Relationships Training, and Mindfulness Schools Curriculum K-12.In 2012 Daniel received the Natural Awakenings favorite Meditation Teacher Award in Memphis.

Daniel has taught meditation classes and workshops at FedEx, Loving Arms, Healing Arts Medical Group, Evergreen Yoga, Give Yoga and Mid-Town Yoga. Siskind Susser Law Firm, Jewish Community Center, Lausanne Collegiate School, Youth Villages, healing centers and Churches throughout the country. He has given talks about meditation through the Heart Association, International Paper, Whole Foods, La Paloma Treatment Center, Memphis Bar Association, Memphis Public Library, Southern School of Optometry, Youth Villages, Southwest Community College, Hilton Hotel Operations Center and various groups in the Memphis area.

A teacher of meditation for the past 30 years, Daniel Lamontagne has experienced the profound benefits of meditation in his own life and witnessed the positive changes it has brought about in the lives of many others. His standard classes are eight-week programs that teach participants how to stay centered in the present and to develop and strengthen their natural abilities for healing, intuition, and mindfulness. Students gain important tools for shaping healthy, meaningful lives in challenging world and for making the most of their personal potential.